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Welcome to Integrated Dental Aesthetics

doctors-workingWe believe that the dental restorations we provide you should not simply mask cosmetic flaws or conceal oral conditions. Each treatment you receive should be a step toward better health and function, optimal aesthetics, greater happiness, and stronger self-esteem. Our ability to change your life with dental implants is exactly why Integrated Dental Aesthetics offers the PrettauĀ® Implant Bridge. Many of our patients come to see us after pouring time, money, and energy into treatments with questionable long term prognosis. If you suffer from broken crowns, defective bridges, failing root canals, questionable periodontal health, loose or ill fitting dentures, the PrettauĀ® Implant Bridge may be ideal for you. Those who have had success with this treatment have gone from hiding toothless smiles, struggling through painful meals, and avoiding conversations to feeling whole again, regaining confidence in their appearance and their expressions. The PrettauĀ® bridge is the longest lasting, most effective way to replace your missing teeth, bar none, and we are proud to offer it to our patients.

About Prettau Implant Bridge

No Cracking, Breakage, Chipping or Staining Like Acrylic, No Foul Odors! If you are looking for the most esthetic and durable, permanently attached implant supported teeth replacement option, the Prettau Implant Bridge is the clear choice! The Prettau Bridge is made of Zirconia, the strongest tooth colored material used in modern implant dentistry and is biocompatible with the human body. The cosmetic results look totally natural and will last many years.

Other Services

Are you ready for an exquisite smile which is healthy and comfortable? Whether you are seeking a cosmetic dentist, general dentist, or TMJ treatment, we can help. Our practice integrates advanced dental techniques with the highest standard of aesthetics, health and wellness. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, sedation dentistry, dental implants, sleep apnea, TMJ and the Prettau Bridge!